A Passionate Team.

We ARE Alberta.

Welcome to the Coalition of Alberta Conservation Voters.

If you care about the health of Alberta’s land, wetlands, streams or fish and wildlife, you belong here. We are a community of Albertan citizens who care about the place we live in. Outdoors people, adventurers, First Nations, naturalists, ranchers, farmers, anglers, hunters, families and friends…if nature, wild things and wild places are part of what you treasure about this province, then conservation matters to you: both when deciding how to vote and when keeping an eye on government, industry and land users.

It’s pretty simple: if we want conservation to be part of our Alberta – and most Albertans do – then we need to be conservation voters.

man in black jacket sitting on rock near snow covered mountain during daytime

Our strength is in love of place; we need our strength also to be numbers. So please share our posts and invite your friends to like this page. We can use that strength to ensure that conservation values move to the forefront of government, community and business decision making — which is where they belong.

This site is pro-conservation but it is also non-partisan. Blatantly partisan political posts, uncivil dialogue and personal attacks will be deleted and, if the behaviour persists, the user will be blocked. We welcome critiques of government policies or the platforms of political parties but let’s all try to stick to fair commentary based on fact, commentary that celebrates our province’s natural places, educates and informs one another, promotes conservation values, and calls out bad decisions that put those places and values at risk. It’s not about picking fights or being in the right: it’s about getting the best outcomes we can for the things we love.

This is our Alberta. Let’s learn about it, speak up for it… and vote for it.

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